The Playbook- Mental Health Workshops (coming soon)

Mental Health workshops are designed as classes to TEACH, EDUCATE and GUIDE athletes/youth on issues concerning mental health.

Workshops are NOT therapy or mental health services!

5 week series offered:

Mental Health in Sports

What is Mental Health?

I can't control my emotions

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Huddle Up- Group Therapy (small groups)

For GA residents ONLY



Target Population

Youth engaged in athletics ages 8-18


Some topics covered include anxiety, anger management, controlling negative thoughts & emotions, stress management, work(sports)/life balance, team building, coping skills etc 



Virtual services only 


Contact LITT today to register. 


One on One with the Coach- Individual talk therapy 

For GA residents ONLY

Target Population

Youth engaged in athletics ages 8-20



Insurances accepted: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, United healthcare, Oscar Health, Oxford 

Private pay available: Clinical diagnosis not required 

Therapeutic techniques used:





Solution focused


Coach to Coach- Training programs for coaches on mental health  

Target Population

Athletic teams and programs 


To provide coaches with knowledge and understanding of how mental health and athletic performance directly correlate and to help coaches identify concerning behaviors in athletes. To improve the Coach-player dynamic 

Delivery methods:


Services are provided one on one or as training programs to athletic coaching staff/ departments